Saturday, March 5, 2016

Too Much Gas–Jacks Creek 3/5/2016



Loop – 46 miles
Trail Boss – Spode Daddy
Riders – Gordon , Chad

Gordon sent a call for a Saturday ride .
We met at Albertsons and decided to ride Jacks Creek because of SIDRA race at Grandview .

We stopped at The Manhattan in Mountain Home for breakfast . It was packed so we sat at the counter. 


Got on the bikes ~11:30 and it was already pushing 65F.



DSCF5383 Stitch

Chad at the ash pit .


DSCF5387 Stitch


Rim of the Chalk Hills .
Gordon noticed his rear tire was flat. He shot some CO2 on low pressure side and saw it was leaking
around the bead. I checked the HI-Pressure side, it measured ~60 PSI. Gordon tried shooting CO2 but the
valve stuck open. We tried hand pumping but no luck. Gordon decided to ride it flat.



Mule deer just above Jacks Creek Crossing.


DSCF5394 Stitch
We stopped above the crossing to try pumping Gordon’s tire.  The three of us took turns and got the
high pressure tube pumped up to 100 PSI. The low pressure side now held 10 PSI.



DSCF5396 Stitch

Gordon and Chad at the bottom of Little Jack Crossing.



DSCF5400 Stitch
Bottom of Jack’s Crossing



DSCF5402 Stitch



DSCF5405 Stitch



One of the overlooks on Little Jack.


Chad found a friend on the trail .


Gordon and me going across a side hill above Jacks Creek.

Me and Gordon sloging through Black Rocks Canyon.
The sand was soft and the canyon was tight .


End of the ride. I still had a 1/2 tank of gas but it was still a fun afternoon excursion.

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