Saturday, March 12, 2016

Return to Doyle Mountain 3/12/2016



Loop – 67 miles

Confused Trail Boss – Spode Daddy

Riders – Loyal, Trent , Dan , Jim

I had planned to do a variation of The House that Dirt Built but got confused by the amount of road to
connect the single track and missed Portland Gulch / Squaw Garden , the best legs.




DSCF5409 Stitch

Poison Creek





DSCF5414 Stitch





Half Moon Pass


DSCF5417 Stitch

Upper end of West Fork Birch Creek.

DSCF5420 Stitch

Lunch stop

We climbed up the hill to use the monoliths as a wind break.
This part of the canyon was a wind tunnel.





Looking at last months ride – the trail head for Portland Gulch was another mile of so from where I dropped
into the Savage Crossing single track ( the red track ).



Above Savage Crossing we discussed riding Portland Gulch/ Squaw Garden the opposite way but decided to ride over Doyle Mountain so Loyal and Dan could split off and head back to the trucks.


12821608_1046169758773012_8363513822821306924_nDSCF5422 Stitch
Hog Pen – the sand is getting deeper the more it dries out.





Weather was moving in by the time I got back to Boise it was raining.



I hadn’t ridden this stretch in years took me a while to recognize where we were.
Ridding the sand wore me  out. Trent had to help me up the lip on the hill climb.

About a mile from the trucks I hit reserve.
I dropped my bike in the slow sand washes 2-3 times loosing some gas.

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