Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Trudy’s for Lunch | Prairie => Idaho City 6/7/2017



Loop ~ 168 miles
Prairie> MF Boise > Alexander Flats > Barber Flats> Rabbit Creek> Idaho City

I thought about trying to get up Trinity Mountain from Featherville but decided
on a shorter ride to get back into town before it got too hot.


Pack horses were loose just around the bend.

IMG_0859 Stitch

IMG_0862 Stitch
Middle Fork of the Boise
Both the Middle Fork and North Fork are running much cleaner , last week
they looked like chocolate milk .

Alexander Flats 

I was making good time up FSR 376 then just below the summit
I got on the wrong side of rain rut, thought I could ride across it
but ended up in it.  Tried to roll backwards to the start but it was
too deep and narrow.
Tried riding out  but didn’t have the skill to get the Karoo3 to climb out.
Had to drag the rear out then lift the bike back up –MOTHERFUCKER .

Just as I was getting back on the bike a full size Ford 4X4 pulls up .
Another 5-10 minutes we could of walked the bike out of the rut .

I  stopped at the wide spot at the top to rest and tell the guy he won’t make
it across the Baber Flat bridge it’s redistricted to 50” by concreate barriers .
They were a  “young” hippie couple .
He pulls out a tape measure to check his truck, 80” !
I pull out the Benchmark to show him how to get to Idaho City.
He told me they were going to “smoke’ before they head back down , wanted to know
if I wanted to join them . I passed , too bad I didn’t have  Barry  ,”The Interceptor “.

He tells me they got turned around on Roaring River , got past where I did
then hit a drift that had no end. Glad I changed today’s route .


Got to Trudy’s about 2 PM . They have AC now !

Had a fried egg & bacon sandwich with 4 glasses of Ice Tea. 


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