Saturday, June 17, 2017

UnCertified–Idaho City 6/17/2017



Loop – 76 mile ( a couple of wrong turns )

Trail Boss- Spode Daddy
Trail Consultant – Scott
rs – Chad , John

Uber Service – Spode Daddy

After two attempts at riding Meadow Creek  ( snow & down fall ),
I wanted to go back to cut it open.

I splurged and bought a Trail Tech mount . It’s designed for a Stihl 193 but
with a couple simple modifications  it works for the Stihl 201.


All Two-Strokes !
Granite Creek was packed , mostly SxS’s . Only saw one other bike on the trails.

First ride ever with a front mounted saw. The saw was stable but started out using
more muscle until I relearned the balance and body english . Still need to figure
out the clickers for whoops .

Scott making first cut on HooDoo .

DSCF6005 Stitch

Chad heading down to Meadow Creek .

Lower Meadow Creek had been completely cleared since we tried it last weekend .

DSCF6008 Stitch

chad 2chad 3

chad 4chad 6

We cleared 5-6 spots on the ridge trail above Meadow Creek

DSCF6010 Stitch

chad 1

Western Civilization is under appreciated in Western Culture …


Then cut 3-4 more on one of the Rabbit Creek legs , but left a large one for another day.
It was 4PM , I was tired and it looked like it would take over 30 minutes .

DSCF6012 Stitch

Finally stopped for “lunch” ~ 5 PM.


Clocked over 76 miles + one tank fill on the saw without hitting reserve.

More impressive is the old fat spode kept a 16mph pace carrying the saw.

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