Sunday, August 2, 2009


Sunday 8/2/09 six of us, David, Daryl, Mariah, Murry and Cathrine rode Deadwood Trail.

Loop ~ 59 miles , elevation change ~ 4,000 ft.

I hadn't dirt biked in almost a month. After ~1,000 miles on the 950 the" little 300" felt like it was going to bounce right off the trail. I kept lofting the front end till I got situated.

Started out real notchey , but by the end of the ride I was smooth even though I was getting fatigued.
Barry and Dave at Julie Creek & Deadwood intersection.

" I rarely drink beer. But when I do, I drink DOIS XX. Stay thirsty !"

Another teachable moment.

Public option alternative for Life Flight -
End of ride counseling every year and sodium silicate for your bike when you realize you can't ride out.

Barry - " I have parted the waters for your passage. "

Q. What is the difference bewteen Barry & GOD ?
A. God doesn't think he is Barry.

Daryl crossing Whitehawk Creek

Lunch break along Deadwood River.
Deadwood damn
Deadwood drainage from Julie Creek Trail

We had a good ride and broke the Deadwood curse !
Last year Dave dislocated his shoulder but was able to ride Scott Mt road out. Then on the way back to town my truck had to be towed into Boise.
We got home around midnight that day.

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