Wednesday, August 19, 2009

LIME CREEK 8 19 09- The Happy Mob Rides the Silver Sage


Jon Morgan answered the call to go for a Wednesday ride, because of time constraints we rode Lime Creek in place of Warm Springs. Jon’s 1st ride of the year and I still couldn’t keep him in sight.

Loop = 51 miles ~ 35 single track Avg speed = 16 mph

Corrals=> road=>Hunter Creek => SF Lime Creek => Bremner =>

Iron Mt => Blue Ridge => President => Hunter Creek => road to truck

(if we had the time I would of rode Prez=> NF Lime Creek => Sheep Drive => truck)

Nice riding, reminds you of the old Blacks Creek before all of the government improvements.


Lower South Fork Lime Creek                                                   Jon Morgan – “International Trail Ranger”



"I prefer a SINGLE TRACK SYSTEM of trails.

If we just had a SINGLE TRACK SYSTEM there would be more riding justice and more affordable riding for all. The status quo mixture of roads , two tracks and ATV trails is unsustainable. The evil special interest groups can deny access at any moment."

DSCF3056 Me crossing SF Lime Creek.


Bottom Iron Mountain LO

Barry -“ I’m pleased to announce the new Cash for Codgers program.

If your Codger is un-trainable , has the wrong priorities , talks back, grumpy,

continues to confuse the facts with the issues you can trade him in for cash.

You can use this cash to obtain a government approved codger.

But I make this promise- if you like the codger you have , you can keep him. “


View from President Trail.

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