Saturday, May 4, 2013

White Guilt vs White Privilege | Lime Creek 5/4/2013

When overwhelmed with white guilt about your white privilege the only thing you can do  is go clear trail . 



Riders – David , Brian , John

Loop ~ 45 miles

We rode from the corrals => Sheep Drive => President=> Hunter Creek => back to the corrals

Down fall cleared ~ 15-20

First ride with a chainsaw in 5-6 years. I did ok but generally had to ride a gear lower.
Great day, needed a jacket on the roads but rode with just a jersey on the trail. Had snow flurries and sprinkles  but the heavy stuff missed us.



Sheep Drive had already been ridden , but we were the first to clear the trial. A couple of spots we had to pick our way around snow drifts.

DSCF3952 Stitch

Clearing after the woody section on Sheep Drive, didn’t have that many down trees.

DSCF3954 Stitch

On road from Sheep Drive to Presidents


Brian waiting for a scouting report from David. This first drift was easy to ride over.
The next one we had to double team the bikes to get through and kept our fingers crossed that we didn’t have to back track.

DSCF3957 Stitch

Top of President for lunch.

DSCF3959 Stitch
Cutting downfall on President.
South Fork of Lime Creek was running low, made for an easy crossing.


Stopped at Little Camus Inn for dinner. Good burgers !


Someone found this elk rack & skull .

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