Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Who’s Your Frack Daddy ? Lime Creek 5/13/2013


Riders – IdaSpode , SpodeDaddy

“Loop” –48 miles ( I had a 17mph moving avg with a chainsaw !)

We cut ~ 10-12 trees

We rode in  Hole in the Wall and decided the tree was too large for my 16 inch bar.
The route around the tree has been beat in more and didn’t seem as loose.


1st cut on Roanhide.


Snow drift on Roanhide , after substantial investigation we decided to turn around.
We could of easily made it down and past the the next couple of  drifts but if we had to back track it would be a struggle make it back up.


DSCF3963 Stitch

View from connector trail between Roanhide and Coyote


IdaSpode on Bremner


DSCF3967 Stitch

Set of snow drifts on Bremner . We went through 2-3 then decided to turn around.
Must of taken us 20-30 minutes to get back up through the drifts.

 Despite all my methane production the snow didn’t melt.


We cut several down falls out on lower Coyote, getting on and off the bike wears you out.



SpodeDaddy walking the bike down the rock ledge on SF of Lime Creek.
I was worried I wouldn’t be able to get in the correct position with the chainsaw on the back.

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